The Death Star: A Free Embroidery Pattern

We like to foster curiosity at our home, so when your kid wants to know how they built the Death Star…you go to the internet to find out. I cannot remember the details of how, because honestly I was thinking, “it’s a fake!…no one actually built the Death Star!” (unless you count with imagination and computer graphics.) But, I did learn while looking up “fun facts” about Star Wars that if you shaved Chewbacca you could make about 15 wigs. I wouldn’t ever want to try it, but fun to think about for a moment…

The Death Star I have for you today won’t take as much money or manpower to make as the original did…

20160620_143000 (2)

In fact, I simplified this pattern. Sometimes I prefer a clean look in my embroidery. I also appreciate being able to have some easy ones mixed in with more time consuming patterns. It keeps me interested.

I did add a little tie-fighter there above the Death Star…you know, to protect it from X-wings. I did a sort of mock eyelet stitch for the tie-fighter because I didn’t really want a hole in the quilt. Other than that, I just did the basic, backstitch, running stitch and french knots. I am so predictable I know…

20160620_143000 (3)

Download the PDF here

Colors of Floss I used:

Black-310, Dark Grey-645


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