The Original Star Wars Characters as Free Printable Embroidery Patterns

It doesn’t seem to matter when you were introduced to Star Wars (watching it as it came out in the theatres for the first time, or, like my boys, almost 40 years after its original release) the original trilogy is the best isn’t it? It is captivating. I LOVE the original characters. I wanted to be Princess Leia when I was little and I totally had a crush on Han Solo…especially when his arrogant-self gave that sideways smile.  These iconic pairings were so fun to make because these characters are beloved.

First, the kissing twins…Luke and Leia

IMG_1998 (2)

I am so happy to say that my daughter wants to be Princess Leia too. After a fun Star Wars birthday party for my six year old, we had a bunch of pool noodle lightsabers left over and of course, began a family duel. My daughter came into the room, and with the most authority I had ever heard announced, “I’m Leia kiddos!” and proceeded to whack her brothers hard. Haha, she totally captured the Leia spirit. Leia is beautiful, sure, but she is tough, and courageous and a great role model for little girls.

I gave her a white belt around her dress because I wanted more of an impact on the grey calico, but you could do the silver she really wears if you prefer. Oh man, they are cuties.


Okay now for my crush…Han Solo and everyone’s favorite walking carpet…Chewbacca. I love them. I love their friendship and loyalty towards each other. What a great example of best friends!

I used two colors of brown for Chewie to give him a little more dimension. I also added more running stitches than are originally on the pattern. I like the look of it but you don’t have to do it. It took time, but I think it was worth it. I also did Han’s shirt a more yellowish white, because that shirt always looks dirty. He’s a scruffy looking guy, but don’t tell him that. Too cheesy? I know…


Last, but certainly not least, the droids. My boys love droids, and so do I. R2D2 and BB8 are so childlike, you cannot help but love them. C3PO says the things I would say if I were in his situation. Complaining about the desert, not wanting to do things that look hard, wanting to obey the rules but conflicted by what is really right or wrong, he is my man. I think they turned out cute. They were a must for the grey fabric, don’t you think their colors on the grey fabric turned out so bold and awesome?

Download Luke and Leia here

Download Han Solo and Chewbacca here

Download R2D2 and C3PO

Colors of floss used:

Luke and Leia: 310-black ~ 743-yellow for Luke’s hair ~746-off-white-ish for Luke’s clothes ~ 648-grey for the lightsaber in his belt ~ 938-Brown for Leia’s hair (I would go lighter next time) ~ B5200- Snow white for Leia’s dress (I am really glad I used this white, it is so bright!)

Han and Chewbacca: 310-black ~ 648-grey ~ 433-Han’s shirt ~ 739- brown belt ~801-brown for Han’s hair (I did use a navy blue for Han’s pants, but I don’t have the number, it was just some bits of embroidery thread I found in my box) ~ 3021-dark brown hair on wookie ~ 433-lighter brown on wookie ~ 434-brown shoulder weapon thing

C3PO and R2D2: 310-black ~ 743-yellow ~ 3843-blue ~817- red ~B5200-white ~ 648-grey


2 thoughts on “The Original Star Wars Characters as Free Printable Embroidery Patterns

  1. The original trilogy is our favorite, too. Cute characters! We (the kids just came to see what I am looking at) especially like Princess Leia . Lily said, “It’s Pwincess Weia!” This is going to be a really cool quilt!


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