Free Printable: Star Destroyer Embroidery Pattern

As I have been designing these patterns, I have been talking to my six year old a lot. He seems to be passionate about the Star Destroyer. I honestly did not realize there were so many. I thought there was only one, WRONG-O BONG-O! There is a “regular,” “super,” “imperial” and so on. We looked at pictures, and discussed his favorite one and this is the one we finally landed on. However, after we decided on one, my husband had a DIFFERENT favorite that HE was passionate about. I only stitched one of these, but I have provided two patterns so YOU can choose which one you like better. IMG_1981My son chose the above…it is an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer. You can tell because of the bubble like things on the top (and bottom even though you cannot see it here)

Download the Interdictor-class Star Destroyer PDF here

Download the Imperial-class Star Destroyer PDF here

Colors of floss I used:

Because I used the grey calico to put this on I used the color 648 grey for the bulk of the embroidery with of course, black #310, but if I were to do this on white fabric I would choose a darker grey.

Tell me which one you guys prefer…or if you want to see the Super Star Destroyer make an appearance.


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