Free Printables: Star Wars Star Ships Embroidery Patterns!

My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Star Wars Micro Machines! They started calling them “star ship surprises” after they each purchased each other a blind bag with a Star Wars Micro Machine in it. The name has stuck.


That my friends, is my four year old slicing an AT-AT Walker with the mini Luke Skywalker and Lightsaber. Makes a parent proud.

20160621_155407This is why it is difficult to play the piano much. It is always filled with Star Wars Micro Machines…

The point I am trying to make is that the space ships are my two boys’ favorite part of Star Wars, and that means they need to have a strong presence on the quilt. I think I will have a few more coming, but for right now, I have finished the X-wing


a tie-fighter


and of course that old hunk of junk, the Millennium Falcon.


These were fun to stitch. Because of their colors, I did them all on the grey calico fabric so they would stand out better.

I added the star wars logo to the x-wing because in my sons mind, that really is what Star Wars is all about. He LOVES Luke’s x-wing. It blew up the death star for goodness sake! This one stitches up fast. I did some satin stitch but it is mostly backstitching.

This one is the Tie-Fighter v1, flown by the Inquisitor in Clone Wars. My son read about it in an Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know book he brought home from his school’s library. He likes that it is more round and different than the other ones. It is pretty simple, but I did decide to satin stitch the circle window in the middle. I never realized until drawing and stitching these out how much the tie fighters look like flying eyeballs. Makes them extra creepy I think. If your family is not into this particular Tie-Fighter, you could easily turn it into Darth Vader’s Tie fighter, by doing a darker color and angling the wings a little more. Let me know if that is something you want to see me do.


Last but still everyone’s favorite right? The Millennium Falcon. It has a lot of details. I did it more simply at first but I just didn’t like it. So this is the revised version, that takes a little longer, but I think it is my sons favorite so far. “She’s got it where it counts.”

I am getting more and more excited to see these come together. I hope I am not the only one enjoying the fun!

Colors of Embroidery Floss Used

X-Wing: Black-310 ~Orange-740 ~ Yellow-743 ~ Grey-3033

Tie Fighter: Black-310 ~ Silver-648

Millennium Falcon: Light Grey-3033 ~ Darker Grey (for outlining the back section with the black circles and the circles towards the front)- 648 ~ Black-310 ~ Red-817


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