Star Wars Quilting Fabric

I am almost finished with all the embroidered Star Wars quilt blocks, and entering the quilting phase. I am coming up with the pattern myself, and it takes me a while to do the math…much longer than I care to admit, but in the mean time I thought I would give you a sneak peek of the fabric I plan on using.

When I look at a quilt with embroidery on it, I like for the embroidery to stand out and the fabric to enhance it…not take away from it. So I took my six-year-old with me to Jo-Ann’s…gutsy I know, and let him pick out a Star Wars themed fabric for the backside of the quilt. Based on the fabric he chose, I picked some black, grey and white fabrics to coordinate with it.

I also picked up the Warm and Natural Cotton Batting, Twin size to hopefully cut down on any return trips to the store during the quilt making process. I know they are inevitable, but hopefully this makes one less. I chose this batting because it is thinner. My six-year-old sleeps really hot and gets super sweaty when he sleeps so I didn’t want to pick a thicker one.

Picking fabric is seriously so fun! I love fanning them out and staring at them for a while. It helps me figure out how I want to put the quilt together. Normally people figure out what they are going to do before they pick the fabric, but I have yet to do that. Maybe it will make quilting easier? Haha, I am sure it will! All you amazing quilters out there, feel free to leave ideas, incites or tips!

I am super excited about this quilt and so is my son! I will definitely post updates as they come along.


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