Easy DIY Superhero Beanbags!-DC Style

So when I finished the Marvel beanbags, I decided it just wouldn’t be right to not include the DC superheros! I woke up one morning with a lot of back pain (of course the day we were packing to go camping) so I had plenty of time to lay back and crank these things out. I followed the same method as the Marvel beanbags, except I made them into squares instead of circles. That just meant I needed to do the corners of the blanket stitch. Superman was the most difficult. Let me show you how I did it… IMG_2142After cutting out the 2 blue squares, I cut out the Superman Logo and cut both a yellow and red the exact same size as the logo. Set aside the yellow. You won’t touch it again, but the red will make magic happen.

IMG_2143Cut out the outside diamond on the logo. NOT the diamond shape WITH the S attached. I think that would make it too difficult.

Cut out the diamond from the red felt, but make sure to start your cutting in the middle of the fabric so you don’t have a cut at the bottom like your paper pattern has.

IMG_2154Next cut out the S

IMG_2156When you pin the S and diamond to the yellow diamond and the top blue square, you will be able to adjust it so it fits just right. Do a running stitch all around the diamond and the S.

and there you go…IMG_2168This is one of my favorites I love how it turned out but none of my kids care about this one. They like Green Lantern more than Superman…can you believe that?!  Well, they have a lot to learn…

IMG_2164I used some gold embroidery thread to make the details in Wonder Woman’s symbol, I really like how it looks! IMG_2175I think they all turned out “super” cute! I think it would be fun to play a bean bag tic-tac-toe with these and the Marvel bags. Who do you think would win, the Super Friends or the Avengers?

Tough call…don’t you think?

Download the DC Super Friend’s Beanbag patterns here!


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