How to Save a Few Bucks by Customizing a Boring Lunchbox!

In the summer, I get to take all of my little kiddos to the grocery store with me. I know, I only have three kids, but they are busy. It is a circus show … we are usually either annoying or entertaining to the other shoppers. If we were in the same store, you would know we were there, haha! Sometimes, I wait a LONG time between shopping trips…. This last week, after a month of not going to the grocery store, I pulled up my big girl panties and dragged my kids to the store, with A LONG grocery list, AND a back to school list! This was a recipe for disaster. When we finally got to the section with the lunch boxes, my oldest was not impressed. (Honestly, I wasn’t either.) We searched all over the store for more, but the only ones he liked were attached to backpacks…but he didn’t need a new backpack. After some tears, we compromised: if he picked a cheap boring Lunch Box, I would figure out a way to make it look the way he wanted.

I would have said almost anything to get us out of the grocery store. I kid you not, it had been like 2 and a half hours!

So here is said boring lunch box…IMG_2389.JPGIt looks like one you would send with your husband right?  I get it, not cool to a six-year-old. I investigated this thing, trying to figure out what I could do. Thankfully that front side is basically a big pocket. As soon as I realized that, I knew I could do something. So I sat down with my kiddo and let him design what he wanted. You may or may not be interested in using the pattern on a lunchbox, but it would be cute on a onesie or something. My son, who recently has been interested in dinosaurs, wanted to know what would happen if a stegosaurus met BB-8, so, I drew it.

I drew it out until it got approval, then I cut out my pattern.

IMG_2392I was figuring this out as I went along. At this point I still wasn’t sure if it would work. My sweet six-year-old gave me very specific instructions for the colors on his stegosaurus, so although they are not the colors I would choose, I am happy he’s happy. IMG_2395He turned out a little cute right?

BB-8 was really difficult because I was working with felt and he was so small. I don’t actually like how he turned out, but once again, my kid was happy and therefore, so was I. It would have been more fun to just embroider this on something than do all the felt work in that tight pocket…but I will do anything for my kids!

IMG_2402My son has requested some more things on his lunch box, but I am going to have to come up with a different way to get them on there…I don’t want to sew through the insulation, and I am not sure how an iron on patch would do. I saw a tutorial of someone bedazzling their daughters’ bags, but I think my kid would be mad if I attempted that. Haha! So, I will keep you posted when/if I come up with another idea…Check out the free pattern if you wanna, but seriously if it doesn’t turn out the way you want, no worries, it is not your lunchbox. That is what I told myself anyway…


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