Round Up of 16 Star Wars Embroidery Patterns to Print for FREE!

Oh my goodness! I am loving the way this Star Wars quilt is turning out! My exceptional mother-in-law helped me SO SO much! I took all my embroidered blocks and fabrics to her house and we just layed them all out…1468250398699Cut the embroidered squares to be 8 inches by 9 inches…1469281560575 moved them around, again…1469281559766and brainstormed…here we were deciding whether or not we would sash the embroidered squares. After a fun night doing this together, my sweet, sweet mother-in-law offered to actually sew the quilt top together for me. (She knows my life is a little crazy right now…I tell you, she is a gem!) So she brought over the quilt top last week and I am crazy about it! Take a look!IMG_2245here’s a little close up of one side…IMG_2246I love the way she framed each embroidered square!

It is still needs some more length added to the top and bottom of it, but my mother-in-law sent me a text showing me some more of the work she has been doing. I LOVE it so very much! I will be excited to show you some more when I have better pictures of it.

Until that time, here is a roundup of all the above embroidery patterns. Try one, or try them all…they really are so fun to make and the end result is incredibly fun!

The Dark Side

1: Darth Vader

2: The Death Star

3: The Imperial Shuttle

4: Storm Trooper

The Original Trilogy

5: Yoda

6: R2D2 and C3PO

7: Luke and Leia

8: Han Solo and Chewbacca

Star Wars Spaceships

9: X-Wing

10: Millenium Falcon

11: Tie Fighter

12: Imperial Star Destroyer

The Force Awakens


13: AT-AT Walker

14: Rey and Finn

15: Poe and BB8

16: Kylo Ren

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