Geeknots is home to original fan art embroidery patterns inspired by science fiction, fantasy, comics and of course, space opera.

This blog is a team effort. I, Kirsten, provide the patterns and embroidery and my sweetheart, Cam, provides the accuracy and “geek”.

Our credentials you ask? Well…I am the daughter of a second generation Electrical Engineer. Yes, my Grandpa was one too. I am also the wife of an Electrical Engineer and probably the mother to another Electrical Engineer. He has the knack. In my lifetime, I have been exposed continually to the best the geeky world has to offer. I love art, I love my family, and I love giving personal, homemade gifts. Combining the three makes sense to me and has birthed this blog.

Cam…he is an electrical engineer who has never met a science article, space program, computer, or geeky thing he didn’t like. He is the authority.

We hope you like what we have to offer. It is all FREE!