Star Trek: The Next Generation of DIY Sleep Masks

A few weeks ago, before we went camping, I decided I wanted to make a sleep mask. It is one of those things that I have always wanted, but never wanted to spend money on, even though they are not necessarily expensive. I confess, the desire probably grew from watching Matilda as a girl. (Remember Matilda’s horrible mother wears one when Matilda plays those tricks on her parents?)  Anyway, I didn’t have time to make it happen before we went camping, but I did get the chance to work on it while I was camping. Yes, it smells like campfire…

I did not want the typical sleep mask, so after some brainstorming I landed on the idea of making a Geordi La Forge visor sleep mask (from Star Trek: The Next Generation). I really thought I was so clever. Haha.  So, I gathered my materials, and took it with me to camp.

Materials Gathered:

  • My pattern
  • tracing transfer paper
  • brown cotton fabric
  • craft batting
  • elastic
  • soft material for the backside-I picked mine based on what I found in the remnant bin at Jo-Ann’s
  • scissors
  • embroidery thread and needle

I followed my normal process, and began to stitch. I had beautiful dreams of creating this using satin stitching and metallic embroidery floss. I finished about an inch of it before I let that dream die. The metallic embroidery floss was so difficult to work with, especially with the amount of satin stitching I had planned. It was difficult to thread the needle, and because it is a rougher floss it pulled up the batting I had behind my fabric and really looked awful. No picture included…SO I started over. I decided to use regular embroidery floss for the main satin stitching, but not giving up on the “brilliant” metallic idea, I outlined with a silver and gold metallic floss. Is anyone at home shaking their head at me yet?

IMG_2198 You can see above all the satin stitching finished and me working on the outline. Can you tell just how tired of satin stitching I became? It looks so messy and crazy…but I had come too far! I had to continue. The metallic floss was still so hard to work with, but I did like how it was turning out. So I finished it…I am only a little excited to show you this…


It totally looks wonky and crazy…but I had come so far….I had to finish. I chose a soft material from the remnants section of JoAnn’s and went to work making the mask…

If you were not shaking your head before, you are now right? I chose a slippery fabric so I did sew it as a rectangle on purpose, but HELLO Kirsten when you are sewing two fabrics right side together with the plan of turning it inside out when you are done…you CANNOT sew the elastic to it at this step…it will end up on the inside of your project. Haha…not sure what I was thinking or even if I was…but it is clear this is a “what NOT to do” post, right?

IMG_2211 So, I unpicked one side of the elastic, cut a slit in my back fabric and shoved it threw…yes I really did this…oh boy…I am totally losing my credibility aren’t I, haha! No, this was not super successful, but at least the elastic was on the outside right? Well, when all is said and done, and I had jimmy-rigged it together, I tried it on and realized…I made a child size sleep mask! See it on my poor husband…doesn’t he look silly?

IMG_2221Super handsome I know…but a little silly, the mask just barely covers his eyes…poor sweetie! So I tried it on my kiddos to see if it fit them at least…

Geordi La Force embroidered sleep mask for kids

Perfect fit! And might I add totally cute on her! (Don’t mind her dirty sweet face…she had just finished a Popsicle and was kind enough to come inside and model for me.) My genius, brilliant idea for a sleep mask has turned into the blindfold we will use for “pinning the stuff on stuff” as my six year old said. (He has pinned a lot of “things” on “things” but never a tail on a donkey…).

I am passing on the pattern if anyone is interested, but seriously, I feel like this could have been so much more…I might try tweaking it to make it bigger, but I will most likely NEVER do that much satin stitching at once again. Instead I would use three strips of felt and yes I would still outline it in metallic floss. I love the look more than I hate the work!


DIY Star Trek Embroidered Magnets

I am SOOOOOO excited! Star Trek Beyond opens today! I hope we get to see it soon! We are going camping so unfortunately it will be a while. Poorly planned, right?…but to help curb my excitement AND celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, I have made these cute little Star Trek Magnets!IMG_2050.JPGI saw the tutorial on I cannot believe how fun they are to do! Her tutorial is really great, so I won’t try to duplicate it here. But I will pass on some tips I learned from doing it myself and, of course free Star Trek patterns so you can make them too.


  • You do need to buy the kit, but I would only buy one with three buttons (Dritz Cover Button Kit – Size 45 – 1 1/8″ in it and then buy a bigger package of Cover Buttons – 1 1/8″ (SIZE 45) – FLAT BACKS buttons and save yourself a step. You could buy the Dritz Craft Cover Button Kit, Size 45, 10 Count if you wanted the clear template as well, but I did mark where you should cut the fabric on my pattern so you wouldn’t need it for this project.
  • Even being careful, the knots and thread are so easy to see through the fabric. If you used a darker fabric the thread wouldn’t be so easy to see. It would be an easy switch to make this project a little more enjoyable.
  • Use only one strand of floss when you are stitching the words. Otherwise it looks too muddled and clunky
  • For satin stitching still use 3 strands of floss
  • When you put the back on the button cover make sure to put the rim side facing you…see that tiny rim? and the circle in the middle is popped up toward you..

otherwise it will do this…


Totally wonky right? Yuck. Plus see all those scratches…that is from trying to get the shank off…it was not easy for me…seriously, skip that step, you will be happy you did. When done right it should look like this…


These are so fun to make and I KNOW they will make a great gift for the Star Trek fans in my life. The biggest problem will be figuring out which of the six people who love Star Trek to make these for first…cuz these babies are mine!


Download the PDF

Are there any other fandom magnets you wanna see? Give me a shout out!