Copyright Concerns

Many of our family and friends have asked us as we have started this website if we were going to run into copyright issues. This page is to answer that question.

  1. No, we DO NOT own any of the elements associated with Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc. But, we are GIANT FANS of them! We are so happy they exist! Our intent is to share with other fans how awesome these geeky things are, not to take away from them in any way. We want to show respect for them.
  2. Please, please respect their copyrights too! If you decide to use some of our patterns and designs, please don’t sell them.  By all means, give them as gifts or use them for your own enjoyment as many times as you want, but again, please do not sell them.
  3. We work hard on our designs. We are thrilled if anyone sees them and even more excited if anyone uses them. If you make something using our patterns and post it on the internet, please give us credit. Thank you so much.

I hope that answers your concerns, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We really are nice law-abiding citizens. Promise.