Harry Potter Craft: Dolores Umbridge Pin Cushion

Get ready! This is one of my favorite little projects I have EVER done! As you may have noticed in my other posts, I have a small little classic tomato as a pin cushion. That doesn’t fit my personality! So I decided to make another and like always, personalize it!

It didn’t take me much time to realize there was a character out there that I have always wanted to stick a pin in…maybe you would agree with me when I say that Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter would make a GREAT pin cushion! Honestly, no other book has ever made me as mad as Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. Every time Dolores Umbridge made her small girly cough, “hem, hem” I really wanted to punch her. I know violence isn’t the answer, but she is a fictional character…if you are not a fan, you might want to join me in making this Dolores Umbridge pin cushion featuring the Stitch of the Week: fly stitch!

You ready? Material Time!

This Free Pattern

Various Embroidery thread

Embroidery Hoop

White Muslin Fabric or cotton fabric of choice

Thin Batting-I chose Warm and Natural-they are just my favorite

Fabric for the back of your Pin Cushion

Filling for your pin cushion

First, transfer your pattern. I decided to just tape my pattern to a sunny window, tape my white fabric over it and use a super sharp pencil to trace it. I did not want to loose any details like I normally do with my tracing paper method. IMG_2231

Please notice, I did not trace the hard line, only the dotted line. That is the seam allowance and where we will eventually cut out our shape.

IMG_2237Place the batting behind your pattern and hoop it. Stitch the way you want.

IMG_2240It is not marked, but fill in Dolores’ top with the fly stitch in a random pattern. It is so fun!

IMG_2242Cut along the dotted lines. I used a rotary blade and a straight edge to make sure it was really straight. Pick a back fabric, and cut it to the same size. I chose this pink from my stash…IMG_2243

Next, sew right sides together, leaving a small opening on one side to stuff.

IMG_2356I spent a long time debating and researching what to stuff my pin cushion with. I wanted it to be weighted but I also did not want to spend any extra money…haha I know I am cheap! So I found these rocks outside and put them in first, then I put the polyfill type stuffing in until it was as fat as I wanted it to be:)

I pinned the open end together, and whipstitched it to close.

IMG_2359and then, wha-la! You have an effective and entertaining pin cushion!

I am not into voodoo, but I have to admit, this was really fun to put pins in! Take that, Umbridge!IMG_2373I hope you enjoy this little project as much as I have! Is there another character out there that would make a great pincushion?


Stitch of the Week: The BEST Fly Stitch Tutorials!

The fly stitch is a fun and easy stitch that can add personality and whimsy to your embroidered pieces. This is not a stitch I have used much in the past, but after some experimenting, it turns out…I LOVE IT!

The first tutorial I have for you is from Sew and So’s stich library. It is a one minute video …not one word is said, but I found it to be simple and clear. Even if you are sewing this stitch for the first time, this is the only tutorial you will need! (I must add, if you have a minute to check out their website, they have some great products on their site, like zendoodle embroidery kits! They look so fun to me! I can see myself working on those while the Olympics play round the clock, and I betcha I would use this stitch! Haha!)

Next, you have to check out Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials! She has a fantastic way of organizing all of her embroidery tutorials…in families!  There is a whole fly stitch family to check out, but for today, if you want to learn just the basics, she does a great job of showing you how to make the individual fly stitch, as well as in a line, horizontally and vertically. I often go to her website for clear instructions and great pictures! Be sure to check out her comment section too. Many people submit their work and you get to see some great ideas for using embroidery in more than just hoops!

Next you MUST MUST MUST check out The Floss Box Blog! This site is such a jewel! Emily believes in experimenting with a stitch to learn about it. So on her blog she has beautiful examples and a fly stitch tutorial, that is a little different from the previous tutorials I have shared. Why? Because, she includes several variations. I just love the idea of learning through experimenting in stitching. It is so liberating and inspiring for embroidery to not be serious or demand perfection. Might I add, she recently reposted a map of the USA that I just want to gobble up!

There is always more to learn and try with embroidery! Thanks to everyone who posts such great tutorials! Did I miss any? Where do you go to learn new stitches?