Round Up of 16 Star Wars Embroidery Patterns to Print for FREE!

Oh my goodness! I am loving the way this Star Wars quilt is turning out! My exceptional mother-in-law helped me SO SO much! I took all my embroidered blocks and fabrics to her house and we just layed them all out…1468250398699Cut the embroidered squares to be 8 inches by 9 inches…1469281560575 moved them around, again…1469281559766and brainstormed…here we were deciding whether or not we would sash the embroidered squares. After a fun night doing this together, my sweet, sweet mother-in-law offered to actually sew the quilt top together for me. (She knows my life is a little crazy right now…I tell you, she is a gem!) So she brought over the quilt top last week and I am crazy about it! Take a look!IMG_2245here’s a little close up of one side…IMG_2246I love the way she framed each embroidered square!

It is still needs some more length added to the top and bottom of it, but my mother-in-law sent me a text showing me some more of the work she has been doing. I LOVE it so very much! I will be excited to show you some more when I have better pictures of it.

Until that time, here is a roundup of all the above embroidery patterns. Try one, or try them all…they really are so fun to make and the end result is incredibly fun!

The Dark Side

1: Darth Vader

2: The Death Star

3: The Imperial Shuttle

4: Storm Trooper

The Original Trilogy

5: Yoda

6: R2D2 and C3PO

7: Luke and Leia

8: Han Solo and Chewbacca

Star Wars Spaceships

9: X-Wing

10: Millenium Falcon

11: Tie Fighter

12: Imperial Star Destroyer

The Force Awakens


13: AT-AT Walker

14: Rey and Finn

15: Poe and BB8

16: Kylo Ren


Free Printables: Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Hand Embroidery Patterns!

In college my friends and I were obsessed with a board game… Star Wars Epic Duels. They don’t make it anymore or I would tell everyone in the world to go out and buy it. We got embarrassingly into this game. It was serious business.  It is a basic light-side versus dark-side game and when we played, people tended to stay on one side or the other forever. In fact, we knew our time to play this game was coming to a close, because the dude who owned it was getting married…so we decided to have one last epic battle. We decided the date of the last game and the two teams got ready. Light-side came with matching t-shirts and Dark-side…my side…painted our faces in either Emperor or Darth Maul…he was big at the time and we wore dark sweatshirts. Here is a picture I dug up from Facebook. 252349_503359422749_8429_n

This is the education my parents wanted me to gain, isn’t it?

We lost. Hard to believe but we did.

I am really getting sidetracked…the point of all this is I have for you a Darth Vader (or Dark Vader according to my 4-year-old) and his Stormtrooper.

20160613_161726 (2)

I really enjoyed seeing Darth Vader come to life as I stitched him.


Seeing him simplified and embroidered made him seem so much nicer. He shouldn’t be cute, I know, but he is and I love him for it. There are three french knots around his mouth triangle and a very small amount of satin stitching on his chest piece. As you will find, my go-to stitches are backstitch and running stitch. I use them often because I think they add character to my pieces. For my taste, those two stitches can be different sizes and imperfect and the image feels comforting to me. However, if you prefer chain-stitching, rope stitching or any others, I am sure they would look great as well. 


Have you seen that Phineas and Ferb Star Wars episode? We watched it for a family movie night once and that is how the love of Star Wars began for our kids. Thanks, Phineas. Thanks, Ferb. This stormtrooper reminds me of Buford in that show. He is a little short and chunky but he still has an attitude.

Because Stormtroopers are white and black, I really did not want to stitch him on white muslin and only use black. I opted for a grey calico fabric instead. I used some tracing paper I got from Hobby Lobby to transfer the pattern, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. Transferring patterns to fabric is my least favorite part of embroidery so I want it to be easy. I guess the transferring part was easy, but the results and stitching it afterwards, were anything but easy.



See what I mean? This tracing paper left faint lines that rubbed off easily while you embroidered making it hard to tell where your next line was. I also did not enjoy the horizontal and vertical lines made by the crease in the tracing paper. It muddled the lines that did transfer. Maybe I’ll try carbon paper next time. I have seen other bloggers like Sublime Stitching recommend it.

I used a lot of satin stitch with this guy. I really liked the bold effect of outlining the black satin stitch with a white backstitch. The middle has some french knots. I would love to see your creations! Feel free to email me or leave a photo in the comment section.

So go on, join the Dark Side…

Download Darth Vader PDF pattern Here
Download Stormtrooper PDF pattern Here

Colors of Floss I used:

Darth Vader: 310-black ~ 334-blue ~ 321-red ~ 645-grey

Stormtrooper: 310-black ~ B5200-snow white

Free Printable: Master Yoda Hand Embroidery Pattern

Okay, I have figured out how to put PDFs on here so the first embroidery pattern is ready to go…allow me to introduce Yoda. I don’t know if you want me to ramble on about him, but I do want to say that I think he turned out really cute. My oldest is 6 so I tried to make it look “cute” and kid like.

20160620_145449 (2)

It was really fast and easy to stitch Yoda. Just back-stitching, a few running stitches and french knots for the eyes.


I think he is adorable. I would totally cuddle up with that guy!

I don’t want to put a lot of words on the quilt, but I was thinking if people wanted a favorite Yoda quote around him, I could do that. Any suggestions? Any interest? Contact me or email me and I will see what I can do. But until then…Enjoy this little guy.

Download PDF here

If anyone is interested, these are the colors of embroidery floss I used:

Black-310 ~ Green-704 ~ Darkest Brown for Cane-3021 ~

Lightest Brown for Cloak-437 ~ Inside Brown- 433

Welcome to Geeknots

Pinterest changed my life! Anyone else out there feel the same way? I know some people feel like Pinterest is there to make you feel bad about yourself, but I love it. I LOVE IT! I love getting great ideas from people who are so talented! It inspires me! A few years ago, I found on Pinterest some free embroidery nursery rhyme patterns. I would direct you to the site but it is not there anymore. It was from (last time I checked, it had been taken over by evil malware robots). I was pregnant and sick and needing something to do and decided ambitiously that I was going to make a quilt from these nursery rhyme patterns. It was my first quilt … so my mother in law did most of the piecing. I love it. It hangs in my daughter’s room.

20160609_174552 (2)

Not bad huh?

Some might even say it is cute?

20160609_174340 (2)

I loved working on this. As I stitched each tiny stitch I thought about her and whether or not she would love this quilt. Maybe it would be her favorite blanket or she might run her hands over the embroidery when she was sad or sleepy. I loved that time of pouring love into something special for her.

Well, after I did that for my daughter, I decided I wanted to make each of my kids their own quilts that I embroidered and poured love into. At the time my oldest LOVED Batman. When he loves something he LOVES it! Every mealtime prayer he would say…”bless this food to make us as strong as Batman.” So I thought I would make him a super hero quilt to mark that time, but I could not find any embroidery patterns anywhere that would help me accomplish that goal…so I put the idea to rest for a while…until NOW!

I am making my own patterns. But I waited long enough that now my oldest son’s obsession is Star Wars. So I though I would share these Star Wars embroidery patterns just in case there was anyone else out there looking for the same thing. And because homeberries gave me the opportunity to get started for free, I’m paying it forward and offering them free. Quilts are expensive enough right? So here is a preview of a few I have been working on.

I love them.

20160620_145441 (2)

I’m glad you are here! I hope you will come back and enjoy these geeky little embroidery patterns and designs.