Round Up of 16 Star Wars Embroidery Patterns to Print for FREE!

Oh my goodness! I am loving the way this Star Wars quilt is turning out! My exceptional mother-in-law helped me SO SO much! I took all my embroidered blocks and fabrics to her house and we just layed them all out…1468250398699Cut the embroidered squares to be 8 inches by 9 inches…1469281560575 moved them around, again…1469281559766and brainstormed…here we were deciding whether or not we would sash the embroidered squares. After a fun night doing this together, my sweet, sweet mother-in-law offered to actually sew the quilt top together for me. (She knows my life is a little crazy right now…I tell you, she is a gem!) So she brought over the quilt top last week and I am crazy about it! Take a look!IMG_2245here’s a little close up of one side…IMG_2246I love the way she framed each embroidered square!

It is still needs some more length added to the top and bottom of it, but my mother-in-law sent me a text showing me some more of the work she has been doing. I LOVE it so very much! I will be excited to show you some more when I have better pictures of it.

Until that time, here is a roundup of all the above embroidery patterns. Try one, or try them all…they really are so fun to make and the end result is incredibly fun!

The Dark Side

1: Darth Vader

2: The Death Star

3: The Imperial Shuttle

4: Storm Trooper

The Original Trilogy

5: Yoda

6: R2D2 and C3PO

7: Luke and Leia

8: Han Solo and Chewbacca

Star Wars Spaceships

9: X-Wing

10: Millenium Falcon

11: Tie Fighter

12: Imperial Star Destroyer

The Force Awakens


13: AT-AT Walker

14: Rey and Finn

15: Poe and BB8

16: Kylo Ren


Star Wars: Imperial Shuttle Free Embroidery Pattern

I have had so much fun making these Star Wars quilt blocks. I could keep on doing this forever, but it is going to be a twin size quilt…they have to stop right? at some point? Maybe?  Well, this is the final one. The Imperial Shuttle.IMG_2054 (2)I promised in a previous post that I would do another starship. As usual, I let my six-year-old choose one more ship and this is the winner! I cannot blame him. It is really cool how the wings go up and down. As usual satin, back and running stitches make this guy come together. Give it a shot.

Download the pdf here

Colors of floss I used: 310-black, 648-grey

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Embroidery Patterns

I want so much to call this “Star Wars: The New Class” but that didn’t work for Saved by the Bell so I am assuming it won’t work here either. My kiddos have not seen it, but they have been very excited about the books we have read about it (Star Wars: 5-Minute Star Wars Stories, Star Wars: The Force Awakens). They have fallen in love with BB-8. Haven’t we all?

I wanted to add these new characters to the quilt even though I don’t know what will happen with them in the next movies. Rey has got to stay a main character, right?

IMG_1943I think she is a great female role model and I love Finn for realizing what he was doing as a storm trooper was wrong…because it was.

This one did take some time, but I do like how it turned out. Can I just say that I really like what Rey wears? It feels so strong but still slightly feminine.  P.S., Finn/Poe’s jacket is awesome!

Poe Dameron was another great character in this new movie! I really hope he continues to show up in the future. Again though, my kids thought that BB-8 was the star of the show, and I can’t blame them. Like R2-D2, he bravely delivered important information to the Rebel Alliance. Yay droids!

IMG_1950I just love these droids that are so child like. I still smile just thinking about his thumbs up with the little flame to Finn.


I think this pattern would have been even more bold and awesome if I had put it on the grey calico, but I needed one more white square. If you don’t have to make that choice, I think it would be great to see what these look like on a darker fabric. If I did that, I would outline BB-8 in that snow-white color instead of the black. I love how all the satin stitches look.

Now, Kylo Ren…

IMG_2044I debated back and forth about whether or not I would do him. Honestly, I have not forgiven him for killing Han Solo! (I have to remind myself these shows are not real sometimes…) My six-year-old insisted.  I think my lack of passion for this dude shows in the mistakes I have made…but just because I did doesn’t mean you will!

He has small satin stitching for the grey in his mask, but the rest is the usual back and running stitches. Enjoy making these! They were so fun to stitch, I seriously hope you try it.

Download the Rey and Finn PDF

Download Poe and BB8 PDF

Download the Kylo Ren PDF

Colors of floss I used:

Rey and Finn: 310-black, 801-brown of Finn’s skin, 167-brown of Finn’s jacket and hoes, 817-red on Finn’s jacket, 437-Rey’s clothes, 434-Rey’s belt and cuff on her arm, 433-Rey’s hair, 3021-dark brown for Rey’s staff and shoes

Poe and BB-8: 310-black, 739-Poe’s vest, 648-grey, 740-Poe’s orange jumpsuit, 741-BB-8’s orange

Kylo Ren: 310-black, 645-grey on mask, 321-red


Free Printable: Star Wars AT-AT Walker Hand Embroidery Pattern

Currently, the AT-AT Walker is the favorite of all the Star Wars Micro Machines at our house. We only have one and it is SOOO hard waiting for a turn. I usually set the timer for 10 minutes and then they have to switch, but my two boys feel like it is “WAY TOO LONG!” if they are waiting for their turn or “TOO SHORT!” if it is their turn. I know, I know, I could just buy another one, but then what would they learn? Sharing is caring. Well, since it is a favorite, it has to show up on the quilt right? IMG_1972I know! I love it too! This is my husband’s favorite.

It might look a little intimidating because there is a lot of detail, but I PROMISE all the hard work is done for you. The stitches are all easy; just some backstitching and a couple of french knots really.  I used one color for the whole thing. If this is the only embroidery pattern you decide to do, you will not be sorry!

Download AT-AT Walker PDF

Embroidery floss I used: 645-grey

Free Printables: Star Wars Star Ships Embroidery Patterns!

My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Star Wars Micro Machines! They started calling them “star ship surprises” after they each purchased each other a blind bag with a Star Wars Micro Machine in it. The name has stuck.


That my friends, is my four year old slicing an AT-AT Walker with the mini Luke Skywalker and Lightsaber. Makes a parent proud.

20160621_155407This is why it is difficult to play the piano much. It is always filled with Star Wars Micro Machines…

The point I am trying to make is that the space ships are my two boys’ favorite part of Star Wars, and that means they need to have a strong presence on the quilt. I think I will have a few more coming, but for right now, I have finished the X-wing


a tie-fighter


and of course that old hunk of junk, the Millennium Falcon.


These were fun to stitch. Because of their colors, I did them all on the grey calico fabric so they would stand out better.

I added the star wars logo to the x-wing because in my sons mind, that really is what Star Wars is all about. He LOVES Luke’s x-wing. It blew up the death star for goodness sake! This one stitches up fast. I did some satin stitch but it is mostly backstitching.

This one is the Tie-Fighter v1, flown by the Inquisitor in Clone Wars. My son read about it in an Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know book he brought home from his school’s library. He likes that it is more round and different than the other ones. It is pretty simple, but I did decide to satin stitch the circle window in the middle. I never realized until drawing and stitching these out how much the tie fighters look like flying eyeballs. Makes them extra creepy I think. If your family is not into this particular Tie-Fighter, you could easily turn it into Darth Vader’s Tie fighter, by doing a darker color and angling the wings a little more. Let me know if that is something you want to see me do.


Last but still everyone’s favorite right? The Millennium Falcon. It has a lot of details. I did it more simply at first but I just didn’t like it. So this is the revised version, that takes a little longer, but I think it is my sons favorite so far. “She’s got it where it counts.”

I am getting more and more excited to see these come together. I hope I am not the only one enjoying the fun!

Colors of Embroidery Floss Used

X-Wing: Black-310 ~Orange-740 ~ Yellow-743 ~ Grey-3033

Tie Fighter: Black-310 ~ Silver-648

Millennium Falcon: Light Grey-3033 ~ Darker Grey (for outlining the back section with the black circles and the circles towards the front)- 648 ~ Black-310 ~ Red-817

Free Printable: Star Destroyer Embroidery Pattern

As I have been designing these patterns, I have been talking to my six year old a lot. He seems to be passionate about the Star Destroyer. I honestly did not realize there were so many. I thought there was only one, WRONG-O BONG-O! There is a “regular,” “super,” “imperial” and so on. We looked at pictures, and discussed his favorite one and this is the one we finally landed on. However, after we decided on one, my husband had a DIFFERENT favorite that HE was passionate about. I only stitched one of these, but I have provided two patterns so YOU can choose which one you like better. IMG_1981My son chose the above…it is an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer. You can tell because of the bubble like things on the top (and bottom even though you cannot see it here)

Download the Interdictor-class Star Destroyer PDF here

Download the Imperial-class Star Destroyer PDF here

Colors of floss I used:

Because I used the grey calico to put this on I used the color 648 grey for the bulk of the embroidery with of course, black #310, but if I were to do this on white fabric I would choose a darker grey.

Tell me which one you guys prefer…or if you want to see the Super Star Destroyer make an appearance.

The Original Star Wars Characters as Free Printable Embroidery Patterns

It doesn’t seem to matter when you were introduced to Star Wars (watching it as it came out in the theatres for the first time, or, like my boys, almost 40 years after its original release) the original trilogy is the best isn’t it? It is captivating. I LOVE the original characters. I wanted to be Princess Leia when I was little and I totally had a crush on Han Solo…especially when his arrogant-self gave that sideways smile.  These iconic pairings were so fun to make because these characters are beloved.

First, the kissing twins…Luke and Leia

IMG_1998 (2)

I am so happy to say that my daughter wants to be Princess Leia too. After a fun Star Wars birthday party for my six year old, we had a bunch of pool noodle lightsabers left over and of course, began a family duel. My daughter came into the room, and with the most authority I had ever heard announced, “I’m Leia kiddos!” and proceeded to whack her brothers hard. Haha, she totally captured the Leia spirit. Leia is beautiful, sure, but she is tough, and courageous and a great role model for little girls.

I gave her a white belt around her dress because I wanted more of an impact on the grey calico, but you could do the silver she really wears if you prefer. Oh man, they are cuties.


Okay now for my crush…Han Solo and everyone’s favorite walking carpet…Chewbacca. I love them. I love their friendship and loyalty towards each other. What a great example of best friends!

I used two colors of brown for Chewie to give him a little more dimension. I also added more running stitches than are originally on the pattern. I like the look of it but you don’t have to do it. It took time, but I think it was worth it. I also did Han’s shirt a more yellowish white, because that shirt always looks dirty. He’s a scruffy looking guy, but don’t tell him that. Too cheesy? I know…


Last, but certainly not least, the droids. My boys love droids, and so do I. R2D2 and BB8 are so childlike, you cannot help but love them. C3PO says the things I would say if I were in his situation. Complaining about the desert, not wanting to do things that look hard, wanting to obey the rules but conflicted by what is really right or wrong, he is my man. I think they turned out cute. They were a must for the grey fabric, don’t you think their colors on the grey fabric turned out so bold and awesome?

Download Luke and Leia here

Download Han Solo and Chewbacca here

Download R2D2 and C3PO

Colors of floss used:

Luke and Leia: 310-black ~ 743-yellow for Luke’s hair ~746-off-white-ish for Luke’s clothes ~ 648-grey for the lightsaber in his belt ~ 938-Brown for Leia’s hair (I would go lighter next time) ~ B5200- Snow white for Leia’s dress (I am really glad I used this white, it is so bright!)

Han and Chewbacca: 310-black ~ 648-grey ~ 433-Han’s shirt ~ 739- brown belt ~801-brown for Han’s hair (I did use a navy blue for Han’s pants, but I don’t have the number, it was just some bits of embroidery thread I found in my box) ~ 3021-dark brown hair on wookie ~ 433-lighter brown on wookie ~ 434-brown shoulder weapon thing

C3PO and R2D2: 310-black ~ 743-yellow ~ 3843-blue ~817- red ~B5200-white ~ 648-grey

The Death Star: A Free Embroidery Pattern

We like to foster curiosity at our home, so when your kid wants to know how they built the Death Star…you go to the internet to find out. I cannot remember the details of how, because honestly I was thinking, “it’s a fake!…no one actually built the Death Star!” (unless you count with imagination and computer graphics.) But, I did learn while looking up “fun facts” about Star Wars that if you shaved Chewbacca you could make about 15 wigs. I wouldn’t ever want to try it, but fun to think about for a moment…

The Death Star I have for you today won’t take as much money or manpower to make as the original did…

20160620_143000 (2)

In fact, I simplified this pattern. Sometimes I prefer a clean look in my embroidery. I also appreciate being able to have some easy ones mixed in with more time consuming patterns. It keeps me interested.

I did add a little tie-fighter there above the Death Star…you know, to protect it from X-wings. I did a sort of mock eyelet stitch for the tie-fighter because I didn’t really want a hole in the quilt. Other than that, I just did the basic, backstitch, running stitch and french knots. I am so predictable I know…

20160620_143000 (3)

Download the PDF here

Colors of Floss I used:

Black-310, Dark Grey-645