DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow: Featuring the MC Bat Commander

Exciting news in our home! Our oldest has his first loose tooth! That is the inspiration for this project…

When I was younger, the tooth fairy had a hard time coming to my home. When teeth were put under our pillow, sometimes the toothfairy couldn’t find it. My parents came up with a brilliant idea to put our tooth inside a glass of water next to the sink for the tooth fairy to find. That led to teeth going down the drain and still no tooth fairy coming. Spending a lot of time on Pinterest has shown me that there is a better way. Maybe you have seen tooth pillows floating around on the internet? I think it is a GENIUS idea, and a way to ensure that the tooth fairy can come to our home.

So then the question came, what kind of pillow would my oldest like? Then it hit me..the MC Bat Commander of the Aquabats band has a black magic tooth! Wouldn’t it be great if that black magic tooth helped the tooth fairy find my son’s tooth?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Aquabats…please allow me to take a minute to explain…they are my husband’s ALL TIME FAVORITE band! He has loved them since their beginning. They started out as a SKA band and then they had their own TV show…the Aquabats Super Show! Their songs are wacky and funny and my kids love them. Many of our family experiences include Aquabats songs, and when we pose for a picture, instead of saying cheese, we say BURGER RAIN! Check them out if you dare. The leader of their band, Christian Jacobs, or the MC Bat Commander is also the brains behind Yo Gabba Gabba. You can expect the same kind of style for everything the Aquabats do! Our family loves it, maybe yours will too?

IMG_2257.JPGLet’s talk materials:

Felt in grey, peach, black, white and blue

embroidery floss of same colors

GOOD scissors

ribbon (optional)

Stuffing -polyfiber filling

pins and needle

and of course, FREE pattern, there are two to download and print

  • ignore the hoop, you will not need it

Step 1: Cut out all your paper pattern pieces. Cut your two main squares out of felt, one peach and one grey. As long as you are cutting the grey square cut the “anti-negativity helmet” (the top piece) as well.

Step 2: Cut the rest of your pattern pieces out of felt. You can draw around these pattern pieces with a sharpie or something instead of pinning them to cut them out. I don’t enjoy writing on felt so this is my prefered method. I did trace around the smallest pieces with chalk. If you do this, make sure you cut around the inside of the chalk line, or else they will be too big.

Step 3: Gather and admire your pieces…haha! You do not have to do this, but I totally did! I thought he was so cute! I was excited to see him come together.

The REAL Step 3: Place your square pattern (of the whole face) under your peach square. Lightly trace the outline of the nose…and stitchIMG_2289

Step 4: Sew on the “anti-negativity helmet” (yes, it really is called this!)IMG_2296

Step 5: I don’t love switching threads unless it is necessary, so I stitched everything that was black. The goggles, the pupils of the eyes, the mustache and the black magic tooth. Note, I did sew the pupils directly onto the peach square with the other eye pieces behind it, but I did NOT sew the mouth directly onto the peach square because it will become a pocket.  I did also sew a black line under the black magic tooth to separate the top and bottom teeth. This is personal preference, totally optional.

Step 6: Finish stitching the eyes

Step 7: Sew on the mouth. Use the backstitch, and leave the top open.

Step 8 (optional): Skip this step if you are uninterested in hanging your pillow. I carefully stitched with a running stitch to make as little an impact on the backside as possible. I made sure my knots would be on the inside too.

Step 9: Whip stitch the two squares together. I used two colors of floss, one peach and one a light grey. Note, when you get around to where the ribbon comes out, switch to a backstitch, then back to whipstitch. Make sure to leave a section open to stuff, before finishing.

You are all done! Now you can just admire! Here he is hanging on the door, next to my boys’ dresser. Yes those are Aquabats stickers on the bottom 3 drawers.
IMG_2339Most likely my son will choose to hang it somewhere on his bed. After the tooth fairy comes, this is most likely what it will look like! Except honestly, I hope our tooth fairy is a little less generous. I think she brought me 50 cents…is that still done these days? Or is a dollar mandatory?

This pillow is one of those things I want to keep for my son, along with his baby blanket and first lock of hair. I love embroidery because it does let you personalize these type of things to represent what your kids are interested in.

Are there any other Aquabats fans out there? I tell ya, I wasn’t a believer  till I went to a concert last year. FUNNEST CONCERT EVER! We hope to take our kids this year! Can’t wait!